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Branding is all about how the value your content—delivered through products and services—is perceived by your target market. We teach you how to develop a powerful brand and create killer content.

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Dig into the nuts and bolts of marketing and selling in the professional speaking industry as we unlock the secrets of inbound marketing and cross promotion.

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If you have a great looking car with a terrible engine, you are going nowhere. Business Operations is the engine of your pro speaking business. Learn all about contracts, invoicing, and getting paid... on time!


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Brooks Harper

"Al Duncan took my speaking business from ZERO to SIXTY in 2.5 months. I went from hearing, 'We don't have money for a speaker' to hearing, 'What is your fee?' Al knocked years off my learning curve in one of the most competitive industries in the world with his vast knowledge and experience. His lock-step approach to training and consultation propelled my business, busting the glass ceiling wide open."

– Brooks Harper

Brooks Harper

"Al is an awesome motivator. I have been afforded the opportunity to work with him on many projects and no matter what, he continuously finds ways to raise the bar. He has a great speaker presence without a doubt, but his solid business mind, and desire to take your group to new heights is what will impress you the most."

– Larry Jemison

Brooks Harper

""While I have been coached and trained as a speaker, Al truly specialized in the business of speaking. He is passionate and knows how to guide a speaker to provide excellent service to a client, while also earning a substantial living.""

– Angela Ray

Brooks Harper

"GPS has completely revitalized my way of thinking for my personal training company. Switching my way of thinking from only the clients that I book to how I transform a passer by to a customer who buys into a dedication to health and my training methods. I am glad that GPS helped me look at my business model and drive change not only within my clients, but myself too."

– Bryen Pinkard