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About Great Pro Speakers

Great Pro Speakers is the premier online resource center and exclusive community for experts, professionals, and celebrities who want to build a thriving professional speaking business. We’re here to help you transform your expertise into multiple streams of income.

All of this is accomplished via a constantly updated array of :

 - Videos

- Podcasts

- Case studies

- Lessons

- Articles

- Collaboration and information sharing between community members

We know that you have a ton of options to choose from when it comes to training for professional speakers. Thanks for your interest in our product.




There are a million training courses to choose from. What makes GPS unique? 

We have specifically designed GPS to be unique from other courses in the following ways:

1. Designed for the working professional in mind:

Although we welcome individuals from all backgrounds to subscribe to our site, GPS was specifically designed for celebrities, experts, and professionals. This includes doctors, lawyers, executives, MBAs, CFAs, PhDs, professional athletes and entertainers, etc. It also includes individuals who have an in-depth level of knowledge on a subject due to many years of experience.

Not you?

No problem. We'll gladly make room for you!

2. Learn about the industry from the perspective of a successful speaker and bureau:

One of the best things about Great Pro Speakers is that you will learn about the professional speaking industry from two different perspectives.

Al Duncan has lived and breathed the development of his brand since he started speaking professionally 12 years ago. I (Lawrence Watkins) have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of speakers who all have unique brands. Combined, these two perspectives provide valuable insight.

3. A good mix of how-to nuts & bolts and theoretical frameworks of success:

Al has made millions of dollars over his career as a professional speaker. Most of his knowledge was gained from the hard knocks of the daily speaking grind. Great Black Speakers has earned millions of dollars for its speakers.

Most of my knowledge was gained from taking a gazillion classes over the years (I hold an B.S. in electrical engineering and an MBA from Cornell University). Bringing these two backgrounds together will guarantee that you have a strategic plan for your business and action steps to match.

4. An exclusive online community of experts, professionals, entrepreneurs, and celebrities:

The ability collaborate and build relationships with power players is a priceless part of success.


The Founders

Lawrence Watkins: Co-founder

Lawrence Watkins

Lawrence Watkins is the Co-founder & CEO of Great Pro Speakers and the owner of Great Black Speakers Bureau. After graduating from college, Lawrence stepped out on a limb and turned down job offers from two Fortune 100 companies to help grow the speaking career of his older brother, Dr. Boyce Watkins. This turned out to be one of the best decisions of his life as he was able to follow his passion for entrepreneurship. Immediately, Lawrence experienced success booking Dr. Watkins for speaking engagements. Building on this success, Great Black Speakers was born in January of 2007 and has grown from a roster of 12 speakers to one that includes over 200 of the best and well known speakers in the nation.

In the Fall of 2008, Lawrence decided to take a break from the day-to-day management of his company to pursue an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing from The Johnson School of Management at Cornell University. After completing his degree in May 2010, Lawrence decided to dedicate his time to growing his speakers' bureaus and launching Great Pro Speakers.


Al Duncan: Co-founder, Editor-in-Chief

Al Duncan, the author of My Success Journal For Young People and Get ALL Fired Up!, is the leading motivational speaker for at-risk youth and troubled young people. As an internationally recognized authority on soft skills, youth development and empowerment, Al has delivered his signature Duncan Nuggets® to over one million young people around the world. He is frequently called upon by the media to share his expertise. 

Raised in a poverty stricken neighborhood in North Philly, being molested as a child, and his father’s addiction to crack, left Al devastated, but not defeated. He went on to enjoy careers as a professional saxophone player, a professional chef, and he is the former executive producer and host of his own television show. At the age of 24 he walked away from his musical career in order to raise his youngest brother who was 12 years old at the time.

Duncan Nugget #21: Failure is only permanent if you quit.

Al Duncan on: Google+Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter



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