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Welcome to The Premier Online Community for Pro Speakers. Thanks for Being a Part of Our Community. We Love You! (Seriously, We Do.)

Quick-Start, Members-Only Strategies

Here is a link to our introductory course, Off To A Great Start. If you’re completely new to professional speaking start with this course. If you’ve got some seasoning in the industry, you still want to scan through it…just in case. Subscribing to this course will send you one short lesson per day for the first 7 days of your membership. This course covers some fundamentals that will help you maximize your return on investment as quickly as possible.

Have Questions? Comments?

If you have questions about a specific topic then you can read the relevant lessons or if you are subscribed at the Pro or Pro Plus level you can join or start a thread on any topic in the GPS community forums. (You can also visit the Great Questions & Answers page which is open to the general public.) on that topic.

Members-Only Training Lessons

Our catalog provides you with a snap shot of our continuously expanding inventory of training lessons. Each lesson can consist of a combination of articles, worksheets, podcasts, and videos. Although we are releasing the lessons in the order that we believe to be most beneficial to you, once the lessons have been opened, you can consume them in whatever order that works best for you.

Catalog  Of Content. A catalog of Great Pro Speakers training content, a site map, and our logic model.

Get Off To A Great Start. A free training course to help you get started on the path of professional speaking. Available to all members regardless of subscription status.

Branding & Niches. Develop a strong brand and dominate a profitable niche.

Marketing Strategies. Become a master of inbound and outbound marketing.

Content Development and Product Creation. Tips and strategies on how to create, develop, and package profitable content and services.

Sales & Negotiation. Learn how to sell and negotiate like a pro. Get the best fees and spin off business. 

Business Operations. From business systems to legal issues to logistics, learn what it takes to run a smooth business operation. 

The Art of Public Speaking. Tips, tricks, and techniques to help you shine in front of the room.

Case Studies. Coming soon!

Business Toolkit. Coming soon!

Videos and Audio. We regularly create new GPS videos and podcasts.

Special Offers & Discounts. Coming Soon!

The 411

If you want to keep up with the latest news and changes in the pro speaking industry, then on the home page you can sign up for GPS updates. Also, keep a constant eye on the GPS LinkedIn Community.  

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